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4 grams to ml – 4 g in ml

    Here we have 4 grams to ml, and all you want to know about the mass to volume conversion. If you have been looking for 4 g to ml or 4 grams to milliliters then you are right here, too. What is 4 grams in ml depends on the substance you want to convert, because every material has a different density ρ (rho), which also changes with the temperature and pressure conditions. Read on below to learn how convert 4 grams to ml for anything, and make sure to check out our grams to ml converter.



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    Convert 4 grams to ml

    On our home page we have explained in detail that for daily life calculations, such as for cooking, 4 ml is 4 cm3, and that 4 g equal 4 milliliter for water, approximately.

    4 grams to water = 4 ml
    4 g water = 4 milliliters

    To convert 4 grams to ml for any substance we have to know, both, the substance’s density ρ in g/cm3 or in any other unit, and the mass, which is 4 grams in the case here. You can find the density of all materials in the search engine of your preference.

    In the next section of our 4 gram ml post we show you the volume equivalent of 4 g for some cooking ingredients. Right below you can find our grams to ml converter which allows you to change 4 grams into ml for all substances.

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    Here you can convert 4 ml to grams, which is the inverse of 4g to ml.

    4 g in ml

    Unless you have made use of our converter, reading so far you on only knew what is 4g to ml for water, under certain conditions. The result of 4 grams to ml depends on the material’s characteristic value for rho.

    What is 4 grams of butter, milk and other ingredients is ahead.

    Milk = 3.883 ml, (ρ = 1.03)
    Cream = 3.955 ml, (ρ = 1.0115)
    Flour = 6.745 ml, (ρ = 0.593)
    Sugar = 5.096 ml, (ρ = 0.785)
    Butter = 4.391 ml, (ρ = 0.911)

    ρ is given in g/cm3.We would like to emphasize that the values above are approximations because depending on the amount of fat, kind and quality as well as the temperature and pressure, 4 g in ml may render a different volume. If you are interested in the particular details then head over to our article grams to ml. Further information can also be found on our home page.

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